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Justiça / 14/01/2017

What's it like to live in Qatar, the world's richest country?

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Qatar, the world's richest countries. This is comparative. Currently, expatriates living in Qatar tragic figure. Manakasta expatriates's hard to see with my own eyes. In this country in the hands of a small number of high-rise buildings, some thread of the screw. Qatar beach or at sea, shiny teeth karnisa thread of the screw in the hands of a few, there are a lot of people on Facebook or other building or building almost see through. I think the sea into the sea floating buildings. Qatar became the building of the people, the people must go deoyana. However, there is a saying, 'Do not eat the mirror to see. " In other words, those employees who live in the area karnise rich American and Europe. The building looks karnisera katarira the nets again, there is nothing to show Qataris without karnisera building. There is place for expatriates coming the country in search of work.

It is out of the room environment

There are a snapshot of its kind in overseas environment. Meanwhile, Qatar has taken charge of organizing the 2022 World Cup. Preparing to host abirama. Joint government of Qatar is a lot of money. Qatar, the only thing rutirujira oil. All of a sudden collapse in oil prices, the economy has decreased in Qatar Qatar in terms of the cost to the government of Compaction policy. The government of Qatar Qataris pay cut, and many have stopped allowance has laid off staff all government institutions.

0 per cent of the 017 employees in chataiyera come to command. Qataris in general decline rutirujira impact on expatriates. Katarira be stopped in several works. They started thinking about their daily lives. Qatar's economic slowdown was largely due to pressure the lack of employment opportunities overseas. More so than the number of people who work in Qatar, some 4/5 days in a month. He did not see to believe. Qatar, who has for a long time, such as one year, are 15/16, there are no 8/9 years, 5/6 years, and no one is versed in Hindi Arabic- kamakaja good to know that people who are unemployed have seen before. 3 working days in a week, a week and typically do not work at all. They could not go inside many 4/5 years. Because, if the easing in the money sent home early. Rooms, eat well eisabei not many people can run. Therefore, Puracchena prevent the heat of the desert yeoyara dreams. They go to the land of dreams, families and children. On the other hand, there were many illegal immigrants living in Qatar.

Qatar and the Qatar government has asked them to leave the country, but they're going to shift growth opportunities. They are waiting for the danger of the seal are waiting for their passports in Qatar, No Entry. This means that they are illegal immigrants living in Qatar, Qatar, on any given day in this country illegally, and visa to be able to turn to, or can not access. There is the opportunity to work in Qatar. Many people who are in good condition, but they have come a long row to row, there are 10 percent and 100 percent of the people. With just a few words they said to come Qatar, Qatar did not feel before this condition. Some of the money could come here, it was like a thousandfold, this danger can not read.

Two or three of them, and said, I saw the ranks of the bathroom, the room rannaruma and the environment, such as vomiting. Cost millions of people coming. But the work is not done. 5 years ago, they have been unable to go home. Because there is no work, no money, money. Qatar is now awful. Qatar, engaged in a nearly 5 years in exile, said, "2022 World Cup in Qatar will come in dreams, karnisera red and blue lights fitted at the building in Qatar will come, will not. In ২0২0, 3 years later, millions of workers will be out of Qatar. "

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